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Can I even sell my ticket to another person?

This depends on the airline and whether you bought your ticket directly at the airline or via a travel agency. Click here for an overview over the most important airlines in europe.

Is free?

yes, there are absolutely no costs. We want to provide a platform where people who want to sell or buy tickets can find each other.


We’ve recently cancelled our vacation and were surprised not to find any portal to sell our tickets. Even ebay didn’t have an explicit category for this!

What is the best way to proceed with the payment and change names once I found somebody who wants to buy the tickets?

That is hard to say and depends on what you are discussing with the buyer. For sure you should provide the buyer with the confirmation of your booking. You can also think of asking for half the ticket price as a deposit until you changed the names, or use Paypal with buyer protection. Contact us, if there are any problems!

How do I set up the perfect ad to sell my flight?

You should put the name of the airport or the city. For example use “2 Tickets Frankfurt (FRA)-Munich (MUC), 12.2.19-14.2.19” such that users will find it either by searching for the IATA airport code or by the city of destination. If you want you can also put a picture of your ticket confirmation or your destination!

Why is everything in english? – Warum ist alles hier in Englisch?

I come from the Lörrach region which is close to Switzerland and France and I wanted to make it accessible for everybody here. Nevertheless, you can write the cities of departure or the destination also in german, in case somebody will search for the german version!

Ich komme aus der Grenzregion Frankreich-Deutschland-Schweiz und wollte es für alle Menschen hier möglich machen, ads zu posten. Die Hauptsprache ist auf jeden Fall Deutsch, auch für die Suchfunktion macht es also Sinn, in Deutsch zu posten!

Do you post my flight on other social networks?

We are currently on Twitter, Facebook and instagram! We’re pretty much looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

What do other people say about fly2ndhand?

Here are some press reports about, all in German!