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Can I sell my tickets?

If you have to cancel your holiday – sad enough! But most airlines do not refund anything even if you have a good reason. This costs a lot of money and the aircraft leaves with your seat empty!

But there is a solution: Most people don’t know it, but you can actually sell your flight tickets to someone else. Well, this is not what the airline tells you, but you can – completely legal – change the passenger names on the tickets and like this another person can take over your seat!

You can change the names online. Be aware that the ticket should have been booked via the airlines homepage. If you booked via a travelagency or page like or, you should contact the costumer service of those sites.

So, if you booked via the homepage of the airline, you simply log in and change the names. I have a short How To here. You have to pay a fee for each name change, depending on the airline. I listed the fees for most important airlines here.

If you found somebody who wants to take over your tickets, you need to discuss how you best proceed with the payment. Personally, I like Paypal here, because the buyer has a certain security that you will really change the names. Alternatively you can think of asking for half the price until you changed the names and you get the second half once you provided the buyer with the ticket number. If you have any questions concerning this procedure, contact me!

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