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How to change names on the ticket (example: easyjet)

Most people don’t know that you can change the name of the passenger on your flight ticket. Each airline has their own regulations, for an overview of airlines and regulations click here. If your airline is not listed, you should find the information on their homepage. Please contact us so that we can update our list.

So here is what you have to do:

log into your account at easyjet (which you should have created when buying the ticket through their website, in case you booked via another website, it is currently not possible to change anything on their website. Please contact the service of the company where you booked the ticket.

Below your flight will be a button saying ‘change names’. Remember that clicking onto one of the ‘change names‘ will change the names for all the flights shown on this page.

After selecting ‘change names‘, you will see this page:

Change the names. Don’t make any mistake in the spelling, it cannot be reversed. Click ‘next

Then you choose: “confirm changes and pay” and click ‘next‘. This will bring you to the payment information.

You have to submit your password again (the one you used for logging in) and click ‘pay now

Here you are, the names on the ticket are changed. You will receive an email confirming this, which you should forward to the one who bought your ticket!